Campaigning for a Nascar Sponsorship in the 2017 season.

This is the post excerpt.

During the Chase last season I wasn’t doing well, I even thought I wouldn’t live to see who won, and beyond that, even see Christmas. But the Charlotte race in Oct. was rained out on Saturday and the race was moved to Sunday morning. For me, that meant I had to get up by 9am to watch the green flag waved.

Normal mornings for me were not so pretty. But this morning was different. I didn’t spend the first two hours in the bathroom, instead I was actually feeling good. And as I sat and watched the race, my mind was clear, as I cheered for Jimmie Johnson.

As I sat and watched the race that day an idea come to me, why not have a Nascar Sponsor for Kidney Cancer. So I googled the demographics of Nascar and found that the average age of a fan was 43. And then I googled the demographics of Kidney Cancer, and much to my surprise, the average age for genetic Kidney Cancer diagnoses was also 43.

So began my campaign, I first sent an email to Bill Bro, the then CEO of The Kidney Cancer Association, and shared my idea. By the end of the day he emailed me back telling me he considered it a GREAT IDEA. So I started my Facebook page:

Soon after I joined twitter, @jimmie_schuyler and began to promote my campaign there as I continued to research and share with others the need for early diagnosis.



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